First 6 weeks of Kickstart Accelerator 2017

As we’ve hit the mid-term part of Kickstart Accelerator 2017, I’ve been thinking a lot about time. Time is one of the biggest assest startups have when starting out. They invest a lot of hours into building the product, usually forgetting about life-work balance, driven by the passion for their creation.

On the other hand, time or better – lack of it, can also be a main reason why startup fails. Everybody who’s been in startup scene long enough, knows that it takes a lot of time, until startups develop a sustainable income streams, that is needed to finance their operations. Sooner or later, the saved cash planne dries out and if they haven’t secured enough funding or sales to sustain operations – they run out of time.

At Kickstart Accelerator, however, we feel a flow of time a bit differently. The whole idea of the accelerator is to provide a concentrated amount of resources (from access to expertise and mentorship to free working space and introductions to investors) in a short period of time, so a startup could accelerate their growth. And this is exactly what we have seen in the first six weeks of the program.

So far, all together 3 startups have raised over $3.25million in funding (Libryo – $1m, Apiax $1.5m and CityFalcon – $725k), there are currently over 40 PoCs discussions with our partners, launched 3 crowdfunding campaigns launched, numerous prototypes and product iterations developed and more. All in all, seems quite a lot to achieve in 6 weeks, but it only shows at what speed startups execute and what is their perception of time. There is also a lot of progress you can’t simply quantify, but sometimes one meeting, one workshop, one masterclass or networking event sometimes all it takes.

To give you a feel, what is it like to be part of Kickstart Accelerator, we have launched a weekly video series on our YouTube Channel, where we show highlights from events, talk to startups, teams, experts and mentors and just try to pass on the overall vibe. Below are the videos from weeks 1-6, you can subscribe to our channel here if you’d like to get more insights.